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    I received the following from Steve:

    In the recent past and going way back to the late 90’s I was in touch with the association for advise and help regarding rig layout and replacement used sails. Our boat is still going strong, has been adapted with ali mast but retained many older features- wooden boom, rear stern tank, basic jib and mainsheet layout(mainsheet brought inboard doing away with the transom track).

    Please can you advise? We where out on the tide at West Kirby during their sailing club regatta. Our boat will never be heading the fleet but we are after a replacement jib. Previously through the very helpful association we tracked down a perfectly usable second hand mainsail. We are after a replacement jib but would require a luff wire. Please forgive my limited terminology. There is a forestay but once jib under tension on the luff wire the forestay is quite slack. The jib supplied with the mainsail ten years ago has no wire and was in poor condition. We purchased a new Rockwell jib but the cut or shape of this jib is smaller foot print to the jib supplied with the mainsail.

    Please can you help? Is there any chance someone may be replacing sails and for our needs those used sails would be perfectly acceptable?

    Previously I had chatted with Kevin Gosling, Jerry Hannabuss and further back with Andy Groves. Through Kevin I sourced the current mainsail. Through contacts at West Kirby sailing club I can get a wire retro fitted to a jib, but I wondered if there was a jib sail out there with wire?

    If you can help or suggest a way forward I would be very grateful.

    Our Scorpion remains something of a eye catcher and with the family since my teens, built by R. Moore & Sons in Wroxham around 1962.

    Any information gratefully received.


    Steve (Butler)


    Carol Haines

    Did you get a jib? If not, I can bring one over to West Kirby the weekend of March 14/15.

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