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    Nicola Willars

    Hello! Just looking for some advice on the correct rope to use on raking rig system please. 1920 is home for a couple of months and devil makes work for idle hands…So have been checking the rig tension yesterday and found inner core has snapped where rope attaches to block. Clearly the wrong rope has been used. Would like some advice on what is most suitable replacement please? Like the look of the silvery dyneema core fitted to 2022 but not all dyneema is equal according to Google. Some creeps and can stretch and not sure on diameter either
    ? Any advice would be gratefully received please. Thankyou!


    Steve Wngrove

    Hello Nicola,

    I to would be interested to hear comments from the “experts” with regards to your question. I am in the process of re roping 1918 have replaced split main , tapered jib sheets so far.
    I am looking to replace the kicker with the High Load eye and dyneema rope system.( Does any one have photos of that set up or even measurements.)
    As I am a dinosaur when it comes to modern technology facethingy or twit book what ever its called this forum is my only contact with the scorpion world.


    Steve Wingrove


    Alex Hayman

    Personally I use FSE Robline, ocean 3000, 3mm. Still sk78 dyneema it has a braking load of 800kg, and only using 180 kg of rig tension on a Scorp it’s ample strong enough. Using 4mm is just chandlers making a few extra ££ out of you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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