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    Just after a bit of technical support if possible.
    Now that our scorp has been in a nice dry garage for a few weeks I can see that the front of the foredeck on one side is not 100% healthy. For probably the front 6 inches or so of ply has gone a little soft and probably needs replacing. I am in two minds as to whether to attempt a patch or just bite the bullet and replace the foredeck.
    The boat is a bagged JJboat, I am guessing that under the deck running longitudinally , is a supporting beam? I would also expect that the ply (appears to be 5mm) is bonded to this in the centre and at the outside to the gunwhale – would this be correct?
    Also how does everything fit together at the mast step – is this bonded ontop of the deck? does the deck fit into a rebate on the washboards?
    Is there likely to be a transverse support, like the chute boats would have at the bow also?

    Cheers for any pointers


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