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    Our family have owned a Scorpion with sail number 84 for… ages. We have used her strictly for fun and for a long time she has resided in Galicia, Northern Spain, where my stepfather moved. As the resident sailor and engineer in the family he has kept her in good shape. Sadly he is no longer able to do so and we must make a decision with what to do with her.
    We like having something there for us and our children to sail but with limited time to visit we don’t have time to maintain a wooden boat and also enjoy our holiday, so we’ll probably look for a simpler solution.
    She is in good structural condition but last summer he repainted her top side, which was previously varnished, in bright yellow which does her no favours. She will need a new main sail as well, it fell to bits last summer. I believe there is a spinnaker in a bag somewhere but it will be ancient.
    As you may have guessed I know next to nothing about boats, but I do know she’s an early one and thus potentially of some interest to someone who might like a light project.
    Clearly we face a reasonably substantial cost to repatriate her – I don’t actually know if it is worth it, but it would perhaps be a shame to sell her in Spain where presumably she is just another old boat.
    Any thoughts or expressions of interest are welcome – I have a few pics somewhere.


    Chris Yates

    Hi could you send me a few pics to cpyates@btinternet.com.

    I I’ve been sailing scorpions for 40 yyears and am now sailing my 5th boat ccalled the lardy bouys Saul number 1959. Ii’m looking for a renovation project and interested in your boat.

    Kind regards Chris Cpyates@btinternet.com 07909113637



    Hi Chris,

    Apologies for being slow but I wanted to get some up to date pictures – I now have them but your email address isn’t working! I get a “message undeliverable” script due to “invalid recipient”….

    I’ll try and post them on here if I can remember my hosting password!!

    Best wishes



    Chris Yates

    Hi Patrick try chrispyates.cy@googlemail.com

    Thanks. there is nothing wrong at my end wmy email cpyates@btinternet.com

    Best of luck in sending the pictures

    Kind regards Chris

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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