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    So, I have recently obtained a new to me bagged Scorpion. I am in the process of treating it to a coat of varnish and non slip inside, as such I need to strip the fittings out, and refit later. I’d be really grateful for any diagrams depicting the current thoughts in boat layout – now is as good a time as any to make changes or update. Specifically I am keen to look at the kite pump system, and also are there options around jib/rig tension?

    I did post a similar query on the facebook page, but John P suggested that some folks reside here and not facebook.

    cheers in advance


    Colin Keogh

    Hi Simon,

    Is your new toy Sc1971.

    If so I seem to remember that Rich and John had this set up as a 1:4 ratio on the pump system as supplied by Paintcraft – one big heave and the kite is up.

    I own SC1977 which is also a Paintcraft boat but the original owner had a slightly different system on it that I have never changed as I found it to work quite well.

    From memory it is (I think) still 1:4 ratio and can be hauled up in one pump but I think it may be simpler than what was on SC1971.

    I will try and get some pictures.




    Cheers Colin,

    Your deduction is correct, I picked the boat up from Rich, with all blocks in place, and a bag of ropes and bungee, we did chat about how it went together a but, by the time I got home I had forgotten.
    I have a great pump system on my current miracle, which is beautifully simple and effective, essentially its the same layout as the Harken plan for 470. I think it should work well, the only question will be how much bungee will be needed.

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    Chris Massey

    From memory, the bungee on my bag boat was tied at the spinny halyard cleat (where the pump handle was), ran all the way down the centreboard case to a pulley on the front case support, then turned and ran back to the spinny halyard cleat where it was attached to the back of floating pulley.

    The spinny halyard itself then came out of the pump system, around the floating block that was attached to the elastic then tied off straight away. This effectively gives the elastic a 1:2 purchase on taking up the slack, meaning it only needs half the distance.

    When the kite is down, the elastic should be at full stretch with the floating block “waiting” at the final cleat in the pump system. This will give you max travel down the centreboard case. You should be able to work out how much you need from that.

    If you need a diagram, let me know.




    Cheers, Chris.
    Thats a pretty clear explanation, I reckon my Miracle/470 solution will probably work, although am not sure how much bungee will be needed – will play it by ear – It has a 1:5 halyard takeup with the usual 1:2 reverse purchase on the pump. With the Miracle just a single length of elastic through the boat is needed, but might need to take it back to front to back in the scorp.
    Once I have the varnish and floor paint sorted I’ll have a play….

    meanwhile more sanding…..

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