The National Scorpion Class Association co-ordinates support for Scorpion dinghy sailing around the UK, as well as organizing the UK National Championships every summer. The Class is represented by an elected Committee who all volunteer their time for the benefit of and ongoing future of the class. This extensive work the Association does depends mainly on the support of Scorpion sailors the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Through this support we can offer advice, knowledge tips and tricks to make your sailing more enjoyable and hopefully more successful.

The Committee also works closely with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), representatives of the main sailing chandlers and sail lofts protecting the future of the Scorpion Class as well as being at times able to offer benefits to our membership.

Why Join? Well, here’s 8 good reasons just for starters!

  • Scorpion National Racing Circuit
    • Silver Scorpion National Circuit, as well as many other ‘Regional Opens’ organized through out the year
  • Annual UK National Championships
  • UK Coaching Events
  • Class Rules
    • Protecting the one-design status of the Scorpion, which helps to promote fair racing and prevent the value of used-boats crashing
  • Technical Information & Knowledge
    • Access to documents and members with years of Scorpion sailing experience
  • Representation at the RYA Dinghy Show
  • Annual validation of measurement certificates with an Association Sticker issued by the Membership Secretary
  • A common passion & a network of friends from around the country

One of the best ways for Scorpion sailors to maximize the enjoyment as well as protecting the value of their Scorpion is to join the Association and help support our collective good work. If you are not already a member, please join us today.

Membership Fees