National Scorpion Association Committee Members and Contact Details:

Carol Haines: President – contact:

Carol Haines

Carol Haines

Carol has been an active member of the Scorpion fleet over 50 years and is always a regular face at Opens and Nationals alike. She knows everything you need to know about the class past and present and is our wonderful figurehead. She was the first lady helm to win a National Championship Race in 1971. She lives in Lancashire with her husband John who has also been sailing Scorpions for over 50 years.

Jerry Hannabuss: Chairman and Class Treasurer – contact: or

Jerry Hannabuss 1

Jerry Hannabuss

Another Scorpion stalwart, Jerry has been racing, and winning, for years. He can be found at the front end of a Scorpion and actively sails on the circuit with Steve Walker in Legal High.  He is the Class Chairman and Treasurer. Jerry lives in North Lincolnshire with his wife.


Linda WolfendenNationals Coordinator – contact:


Linda Wolfenden

Linda started sailing in 1990 in a Scorpion. She went to her first Nationals in 1991 and has not missed one since – in fact her second daughter was born at the Nationals in 1993! She has previously served on the Scorpion Committee from 2000-2006 and is now back for more! She and her husband Barry live in Bromley, Kent.

Pete Gray: Events (North) & Silver Scorpion – contact: and

Pete Gray

Pete Gray

Pete is regularly seen leading the way round the Opens, and is currently the Events organiser for the Northern Circuit and the Silver Scorpion. He and his co-conspirators Hannah and Ryan have come up with a great calender for 2017. Pete is based in Derbyshire.

Hannah Buchanan & Ryan Buchanan: Events (South) – contact:


Ryan Buchanan


Hannah Buchanan

Hannah started sailing when she was 4 years old with her Dad. When she was 8 she was taught how to sail in a mirror by some current Scorpion sailors (names not available!). She then progressed onto 420’s and F18’s, did a bit of team racing and finally settled in a Scorpion in 2009. She now sails 2028, Blue Steel with her husband Ryan – they are based in the Hamble.

John Purdie and Ric Searle: Websitecontact:


John Purdie is the one on the right!

John is a relative late comer to sailing and even later getting into sailing dinghies. Despite having a lifelong fascination with most things boat, his first sailing experience didn’t come until 1999 at the age of 17 when he spent two weeks aboard the 135′ 340 ton, STA Sir Winston Churchill, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Scheme. Over the last 12 years John has logged more than 15,000 mainly blue water miles with various tall ships and as a volunteer with the Tall Ships Youth Trust (the modern day Sail Training Association) 72′ Challenger Fleet, crossing the Atlantic both ways and competing in the 2011 Rolex Fastnet. After floating around in other classes for a few years, John found the Scorpion in 2011 and has never looked back, competing (as crew) regularly on the Open Circuit and at the National Championships. John is based just outside Chester, Cheshire and lives with his wife Laura and baby son Oliver.

Chris Turner: Technical Advisor – contact:

Chris Turner
Chris Turner
Chris joined the Committee in August 2016 as the Class Technical Adviser. He has been building and sailing Scorpions for many years.  He holds may awards for sailing, the most important one,  being the National Scorpion Champion together with Alex Hayman in 2016. What Chris does not know about sailing Scorpions is just not worth knowing!

Jo Mahy:  Class and Membership Secretary– contact:

Jo has spent most of her life messing around in some form of water craft. She learn’t to sail with her twin sister in a mirror from the age of 11 in Guernsey, CI. She continued to Mirror sail until she was 19 followed by a 16 year dinghy sailing gap before re-discovering it again 10years + ago. First off she purchased a laser, saw the light and then started to crew a kestrel regularly and a Scorpion ad-hoc.  She bought her first Scorpion in 2010 (1907 – Ethel)  and  her second one (2015 – Touching the Void) in summer 2014.  She has attended the last 5 Nationals and sails regularly on the Scorpion open circuit. She is based in North Dorset and is the Class and Membership Secretary.


                 Jo Mahy


Carl Jones: PR and Advertising – contact:

Carl Jones pic

Carl was voted in by existing Committee Members in December 2015. His main role with be PR – ensuring that all the things the Scorpion Class have planed are out there in the public domain through things like the Y&Y events calendar.  Carl started sailing in 1992 after getting interested in sail power after a charity raft race. His first Scorpion was 1847. He has been sailing and enjoying Scorpions ever since, now sailing 1974 – Panama Jack and 2029 – Jac y Ddraig Goch with his wife Shellie crewing at Llandudno and Pennine.

Simon Forbes: Sponsorship contact:


Simon was voted onto the Committee in early 2016 by the Existing Committee Members, his main role is to seek sponsorship for the class from the small to the large. He is an avid Scorpion sailor and can be found very often at the front of the fleet usually sitting at the pointy end but very occasionally in the back seat.

Amy Forbes: Prizes and Sponsorship

amy forbes

Amy was again voted onto the Committee by its existing members to help out with Sponsorship and Prizes, she is already making her mark on the Silver Scorpion Circuit and is already well on her way to sorting the prizes for the Nationals. Amy does sail but can usually be found with camera in hand taking photos of the fleet at our events.