A Modern Boat 
Since its design and first launch in 1960, the Scorpion has adopted developments over the years to become the present modern competitive sailing dinghy.
The hull, constructed in wood or foam-sandwich, is built to strict measurements with small tolerances. Cockpit layout and rig controls are left to personal choice and class rules permit a choice of mast and sail suppliers.

A Durable Boat
A look at recent National’s results proves how older Scorpions can remain competitive. Some recent National Championship-winning hulls have been over 10 years old, keeping new boats off the top spot.
Improvements in adhesive and paint technology mean that the newer hulls are retaining their strength, stiff – ness and light weight, keeping them competitive for longer.

A Performance Boat
The Scorpion is a responsive boat with a light hull that gives excellent acceleration.
Upwind it points well and tacks easily, and off wind the spinnaker ensures a stunning performance.
Whether you are sailing inland or on the sea the Scorpion will give the performance you need.

A Class Boat
The class association actively promotes Scorpion sailing throughout the country.
Regular national and regional training events are held, as well as a full Open Meeting programme and an annual week-long National Championships at a sea venue.
Top sailors, many of whom are RYA trained Class Coaches, are always willing to assist those further down the fleet, raising the standard throughout.

A Family Boat
The raking rig, now fitted on most Scorpions, enables the Scorpion to be sailed competitively by a wide range of crew weights in all conditions.
This, along with junior prizes at Scorpion events and a dedicated youth regatta, means that now there are many younger sailors seen in Scorpions.
Parent and child combinations are not uncommon and it’s not always the parent at the helm! Junior pairings often show their seniors a thing or two.

A Fun Boat
The fun of sailing a Scorpion does not end when you come off the water.
Weekend open meetings usually have an associated social event and each evening of the National Championships has an organised social activity.
This in no way detracts from the competition on the water and the class can certainly be described as ‘competitive, but friendly’.

A Versatile Boat
The Scorpion is not a boat just for the accomplished sailor. The hard chine planing hull that gives performance upwind and downwind is also a stable platform for the beginner, and many sailors have learned their skills in a Scorpion.
But being suitable for learning does not detract from the excitement gained from sailing a Scorpion, which is probably why many top sailors of other classes have come to sail a Scorpion.