Advertise your brand with the National Scorpion Association and partner us in building a successful, exciting class around the UK.

For our members the Class Website is an important tool. Constantly being updated with news, reports, features as well as driving engagement is what is a growing class in the UK. Online the National Scorpion Class Association is very active, we promote a community based association with our members and at the hub of this is our website.

Web banners are a valuable tool to brand awareness among our users and is a great way of increasing links and driving traffic back to your own website.

We can also report back on how many times your advert has been displayed and how many clicks/users have been sent to your site

Advertising Rates 2019-2020

Banner in Header

728×90 Banner In Header (next to Scorpion Logo, up to five banners which will display at random)

3 Months £40
6 Months £65 (+1 Editorial* on our site)
12 Months £115 (+2 Editorials* on our site (1 every six months))
(this include a 728×90 banner at the bottom of our Home Page as well)

Other Areas

We have the ability to add advertising anywhere within the website (eg. on a specific page sidebar at the discretion of the National Scorpion Class Association Committee. Contact us if you want anymore details or want to discuss other possibilities at

We are happy to upload as many banners as needed during the period of the agreement, These rates do not include consultancy on design (however we can offer friendly advice)



Editorials* As well as having your banner display on our website, you will also beable to submit Editorial Content which will appear in the Editorial Section of our Home Page (and associated categories)