Silver Scorpion Inland Championships @ Notts County Sailing Club
Oct 13 – Oct 14 all-day

Nott’s County Invite you to the scorpion Inland championships

Due to the postponement of the Staunton Harold event Notts county are now hosting the Inland championships.

And the EOS will be two weeks later at Staunton boats can be left there if convenient between events.

Party on the Saturday night Free camping!


Further info scorpion@ncsc.org.uk

Silver Scorpion End Of Seasons @ Cardiff Bay Yatch Club
Oct 28 – Oct 30 all-day
Silver Scorpion End Of Seasons @ Cardiff Bay Yatch Club | Cardiff | Wales | United Kingdom

Scorpion End Of Seasons at Cardiff Bay yacht club.

Two day event 5 races with Dinner & Disco Saturday evening.

1st start Saturday 13.00

1st start Sunday 10.00

This will be the first event of the 2019 silver scorpion.

We will be sharing with the Merlin rocket class.

This event was originaly scheduled to take place at Staunton however the water levels at Staunton have reached such low levels all opens have now been cancelled.

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