Tallulah’s Sisters & The Ovington Clan – New Scorpions for 2020

2020 has certainly been a year of uncertainty but the one constant from the Scorpion class perspective has been the steady growth of the fleet through a) new boats and b) new members benefitting from a buoyant second-hand market.

Scorpion 2044 ‘Tallulah’ now has two sister ships built by Duffin Marine of Belfast and finished by Nigel Potter at Paintcraft. The image shows all three in Nigel’s Nottingham workshop and they look totally stunning! Class Chairman Chris Yates is the proud owner of one of these beautiful craft but mystery surrounds the pilot for the other ship.

In parallel with these two new wooden Duffin Scorpions, Ovington Boats of North Shields have produced a batch of FRP hulls, all we understand finished with FRP decks and the now familiar port-side spinnaker chute. These boats are virtually identical to the Duffins except for the choice of construction material. Anne and James Gardner recently launched their new FRP boat 2046 at Hayling Island Sailing Club, another one is residing in a garage somewhere in South Derbyshire and there may be at least other?

Despite no Scorpion events this year the class is looking stronger than ever and we have more new boats built in a single year under lockdown conditions than during the period 2017-19. Sailing Scorpions next year is going to be awesome!


Malcolm James

South Cerney SC Gloucester GL7 5TH. Scorpions 2001 and 2011.