Plymouth Final Fling Dinghy Regatta 16 – 18 October 2020 aka Scorpion Pirate Party

STOP PRESS at 29 September 2020. Royal Western Yacht Club and Allspars have taken the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Allspars Final Fling Dinghy Regatta in the light of recent Covid-19 news and restrictions. However, do not despair as we will almost certainly be racing at Plymouth sometime next year – either at the Final Fling Dinghy Regatta itself (October 2021) and/ or at a possible 3-day ‘season opener’ event during April 2021. Please keep an eye on the club’s website ( and the Scorpion website for updates.


Whilst this season’s Silver Scorpion series may have been a non-starter for reasons totally beyond our control, next month’s Final Fling hosted by the Royal Western Yacht Club of England promises to be an awesome event. Sponsored by Allspars Masts & Rigging, the Final Fling is usually run over a two-day weekend but this year your NSA Committee have negotiated the Friday as an extra day for the Scorpion fleet. This means that we will enjoy 3 days of top quality sailing in, around and outside of Plymouth Sound. We will race for the Port of Plymouth Cup which is one of our Nationals trophies but whoever wins it will only be able to display it on their sideboard for 10 months before the 2021 Nationals at Penzance next August! So check out your boats, get them loaded up along with your Pirate costume and prepare for a real blast – both on and off the water!

Full details including entry forms, NoR, arrival instructions and a map can be found at:

Allspars Final Fling Dinghy Regatta

Malcolm James

South Cerney SC Gloucester GL7 5TH. Scorpions 2001 and 2011.