Hello to 2018 from our Chairman Mr Yates

Hi All,

Well its with some trepidation that I attempt my first “hello” as your Chairman!

Gone before me are National Champions and many legends of the class but then why shouldn’t I just let you all into the best kept secret.

But then you already know! 

We all sail the best 2 man hiking performance dinghy fact, with quiet frankly the best set of friends anyone could ask for…. 

you lot!

I found out this secret way back in 1981 when a  certain Tony Wetherall in his Tenby  National Champions speech declared the same sentiments and I’ve been hooked ever since!

The long winters always leaves us  dreaming of the forthcoming season and I’m very proud of the work the committee have put in to deliver a great sailing programme. Thanks Peter and Simon. The highlight of the programme being the Nationals  at Tenby. It would be wonderful to see as many of you there: 

check out this quote from Einstein:


Lets have you all there this year!!

There have been some notable restorations and some fabulous new boats over the last year from P&B Ovingtons and Gosling Dinghy craft . I’m sure you will support me in thanking those great builders for their continued support to the Scorpion Class and encourage as many new members into the class.
The class has had an incredible act of support with a gift of a high quality classic boat. Thanks to Linda Wolfenden maintaining contact with the Scott Brothers their cherished  boat will now enable the class to make the boat available to a lucky Junior Crew to enter the Tenby Nationals. 

Look out for Steve Walker‘s and Linda’s update at the dinghy show.

Your committee will work tirelessly so please support:

 Colin, Malcolm, Amy, Simon, Pete, Chris, Steve, Linda, Hannah and Carl  in making 2018 a memorable  season with a great turnout at Tenby.

There’s no much else for me to say but to enjoy the forthcoming season and see you on the water. 


Malcolm James

South Cerney SC Gloucester GL7 5TH. Scorpions 2001 and 2011.