Gul Inlands 2016 @ Rutland

The Weekend of 11th/ 12th June saw 19 Scorpions travel to Rutland Water for the Inland Championship sponsored by GUL. Races were scheduled with 3 back to back on Saturday and 3 back to back Sunday, but with the forecast of little wind, there were many sceptical that this schedule would actually happen.

Saturday saw a postponed start whilst the Race Officer hunted for wind, but patience paid off with a good breeze building in the early afternoon. By Race 1 the heavy weights were happy as the fast planning conditions prevailed and with many scorpions needing to Rake in the conditions, some excellent fast sailing was enjoyed by the entire fleet. Courses were set very well with the Olympic style Triangle/Sausage , but with a variant of a gate at the leeward end of the run. With the event being on Rutland the legs were very long giving excellent competition throughout the day.

Races 1 and 2 saw current National Champions Andy Mckee and Chris Massey in 2026 take 2 victories with some excellent sailing. Tom Jeffcoate sailing with sister Penny in 2037 were however equally consistent with 2 second places. In Race 3 with the wind easing and rigs being put back upright, it was the jeffcoate pairing that took victory from Pete Grey and Garry Newton sailing in a brand new Gosling Scorpion with Andy and Chris taking 3rd. Also showing good speed and consistency in all 3 races was Barry Wolfenden and Cathy Maguire sailing 2024 getting 2 third places and a forth.

This left Mckee and Jeffcoate tied over night on 5 points each and Wolfenden 3rd.

Sunday saw lighter breezes than Saturday, meaning full power in the rigs and helms and crews able to sit out comfortably enjoying excellent sailing. With the course laid on time the 3 scheduled races were run on plan proving the sceptics wrong, and allowing the series to be completed in full.

Race 4 once again saw Jeffcoate and Mckee battling out the lead, with Wolfenden in pursuit. Jeffcoate took line honours to take overall lead in the series with 2 races to go. Also appearing from the pack and pulling through from a poor start were Steve Walker and Jerry Hannabuss in 2033 taking 4th to add to Saturdays 5th positions.

Races 5 saw early lead taken by Jack and Joe Banks in 2017, but they were overhauled by Walker and Hannabuss who took victory from Jeffcoate in 2nd.

Race 6 saw Mckee needing victory to beat Jeffcoate in the overall standings. The early lead was however taken once again by Walker in 2033 with Oli Wells and Izacc Wells in 2036 in 2nd. On the last triangle Wells got the better of Walker to victory with Mckee taking 3rd.

Overall results

1st Tom Jeffcoate and Penny Jeffcoate –2037 – Isaland SC

2nd Andy Mckee and Chris Massey -2026 – Dovestone SC

3rd Steve Walker and Jerry Hannabuss – 2033 – Penine SC

4th Barry Wolfenden and Cathy Maguire –2024 – Bough Beach SC

5th Oli Wells and Izaac Marsh – 2036 – Northampton SC

Silver Fleet Results

1st Nigel Pepperdine and Amy Clay – 1984 – Staunton Harold SC

2nd Richard Searle and Hannah Edge – 1976 – Staunton Harold SC

3rd Dave Snutch and John Wells – 2000 – Notts County SC

Thanks must go to our sponsors GUL and the Race office William Jeffcoate for making this such a great event.

Jerry Hannabuss