Pete & Rich win at Staunton Harold

Silver Scorpion Round 2/7

Staunton Harold SC hosted the first Scorpion Open Meeting of 2016, and the 2nd round of the Annual Silver Scorpion Series. A great turn out for early season of 17 boats were welcomed by a very grey and wet morning, with southern travelers looking forward to the forecast improvement in conditions over the weekend.

With the wind blowing down the full length of the reservoir, the race officer set really good long beats, and long downwind legs. Winds were light, so rigs were set vertical to gain maximum power from the Scorpion rigs, but with lulls in the wind and large shifts, conditions were testing throughout the fleet. The first 2 races were sailed back to back before lunch, with top 3 places being taken in both races by the top 3 at the Lyme Regis Nationals, 1st and 2nd being shared by Pete Gray and Rich Pepperdine in 2022 and Tom Jefcoate and Tom Pygall in 2037. Current National Champions Andy Mckee and Chris Massey taking 3rd in both Races.

2 more races were sailed after lunch with similar conditions and great sailing ( although testing in the shifts) throughout the fleet. Afternoon honours were however not the same as the morning, with Steve Walker and Jerry Hannabuss taking a 1st and 2nd in 2033, with Oli Wells and grapping a 3rd. Gray/Pepperdine however held honours overnight by getting another 1st, to hold the overnight lead from Walker/ Hannabuss.

A great Chinese meal and social over Saturday night saw a number of sore heads in the morning sunshine, but with warm conditions and similar wind strength and direction another great days sailing was in store.

The morning saw another 2 races sailed back to back, and once again it was Pete Gray and Tom Jefcoate who took 1st and 2nd in race 5, with Oli Wells getting another 3rd. Race 6 saw Pete Grey seal overall victory with another win, but Walker and Hannabuss came back strongly with another 2nd, to hold onto overall 2nd place with one race left.

The afternoon saw race 7, and this brought in a 2nd discard to the overall results. A close battle ensued between Jefcoate and walker, and in a dying breeze jefcoate/Pygall took 1st from Walker /Hannabuss in 2nd with Pete Gray/Rich Pepperdine in 3rd. With 2nd discards in place this gave Jeffcote the advantage to take overall 2nd from Walker in 3rd.

A great 2 day event was finished off with what seemed to be a wheelbarrow full of beer and glasses presented to the top places and best placed Lady helm and silver fleet winner Rachael Rhodes and Hannah Edge sailing 1976

Jerry Hannabuss