Love your Scorpion? Think the Class is great? Want to help us get better?

Love your Scorpion? Think the Class is great? Want to help us get better?
Then become a Scorpion Ambassador now! (See here)
We Scorpion Class members are lucky that we get so much from our membership, with access to free training, loads of Opens and a great Nationals, both in terms of racing and for socials (as featured in Y&Y). There has been a call in recent years for us to raise our membership fees to help us re-stock the coffers and provide even more great events for everyone, but we are a little reluctant to push up the price for the following reasons.
We’d like to encourage new, younger members without them being put off by high fees. Similarly we now have quite a few youth members and young families, so want it to be accessible for all. A strong class attracts new sailors, and keeps our second hand boat market thriving, so this is important for us as a Class.
However, if you feel that you could contribute more so that Nationals are cheaper, events and training are subsidised and the fleet is more accessible to a wider range of sailors then we would encourage you to do so.
There is an ambassador tab on the ‘Join the Association’ page, where you can donate in £5 increments. Anything is great for us (£5 would provide 2 x daily prizes at the Nationals) but the more the better of course!
So if you feel that you could help out the Class and provide us some support then we would greatly appreciate if you became a Scorpion Ambassador. If you need further details please contact Jerry, our Chairman and Treasurer.
Thanks all
The Committee

Malcolm James

South Cerney SC Gloucester GL7 5TH. Scorpions 2001 and 2011.