The Powerhouse of the North, Pennine SC in 2015

The fleet shows lots of signs of growing at the moment and we hope to have 10 Scorpions sailing in 2016. If we had some crews in the north who want to sail we could get more than this. We have some ‘old’ ones returning to the fleet with Chris ( depth-charge) Muxworthy and John Coulton both with boats for 2016. We also hope that scorps from Shotwick will be joining us to have competitive sailing on a larger water with space to enjoy the boat fully in both Class and Handicap racing

Over the Winter break ( if there is one this year) Steve and Jerry will be running some theory sessions at the club on how to ‘get sailing faster ‘ …sails … tuning… rig adjustment s. Etc etc . There will also be targeted Sundays in the season where all scorps at the club and in the area will be encouraged to ‘get on the water’ with training and coaching taking place throughout the day. As well as ‘have a go sessions’ for old and young alike.

We hope that this will also encourage non-scorpion sailors to find out hope much fun it is sailing 2 up rather than single handed ( you always have some one else to blame), and bring more juniors into the fleet.

Nationals 2020
Jerry Hannabuss


  1. Avatar
    Jac Y Ddraig Goch January 01, 2016

    Bring on the fun. Pennine rocks. Looking forward to some fabulous sailing.

  2. Avatar
    Julian Hannabuss January 01, 2016

    Always good to hear mention of depth charges and Muxworthy.

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