Junior Open @ NSC Inlands

Calling all Juniors, Parents, Coaches and everyone else – The Scorpion Junior Open will now be run in conjunction with the Scorpion Inlands at Northampton SC 26th Sept.

First of all we apologise for the late notice, a few last minute changes threw things about a bit, but all back on track! The Junior Open will be run on Saturday afternoon after the first day of the Inlands. There will be a couple of races and three categories to compete in…

  • Youth Team – Both competitors under 21
  • Junior Helm – Helm aged 17 and under, can be crewed by an oldie
  • Junior Crew – Crew aged 14 and under, can be helmed by an oldie too
  • FREE ENTRY, so even if you can’t make the Inlands but are down at NSC then please join in
  • Helms/Crews/Boats available – please let us know if you need any of these and we will sort something out, easiest to contact us through the Facebook group Scorpion Class Association

And all Scorpion sailors, please please encourage our young talent to join in, it’s a great opportunity for them to get some great racing against each other and really develops our class in future years. For example, here’s a holla to all previous Junior competitors, you may know some of them…

Tom Jeffcoate, Penny Jeffcoate, Alex Hayman, Max Hayman, Rich Jones, Stevie Morrison!, Mike Hannan, Matt Potter, James Barr, James Salter to name but a few!

Malcolm James

South Cerney SC Gloucester GL7 5TH. Scorpions 2001 and 2011.