Pennine Northern Championships, Silver Scorpion (5/7)

Saturday morning dawned and 15 boats arrived at the small friendly Northern Club for the Northern Championships. The weather for the weekend looked bleak with rain forecast for most of the weekend but sunshine prevailed on the Saturday with 15 to 18 knots most of the time from multiple directions.

Race 1 started cleanly with Andy Mckee and Chris Massey leading from start to finish being pushed all the way by Pete Gray and Rich Pepperdine and in 3rd was Steve Walker and Jerry Hanabus.

Race 2 started with different names at the front Rach Rhodes and Hannah Edge (only all female crew) , came out the start like a robber’s dog and rounded the windward mark in first, following hot on their heels was Rich Jones and John Purdie, but unfortunately the girls were not able to hold on. Andy and Chris had an altercation on the start with Pete and Rich which resulted in a protest due to a small raft being formed on the pin end, both boats worked their way through the fleet, Andy and Chris took the lead but were hunted down by a possessed Pete and Rich. There was a close battle all the way round with Pete and Rich just overtaking Andy and Chris on the line. Later Pete and Rich retired which gifted the pair from Dovestone the win, leaving Steve and Jerry in 2nd and Rich and John in 3rd.

After a fabulous amount of food provided by the sailing club’s galley team Race 3 got under way. This time there was the added factor of a drone cam flying around capturing excellent shots from the air. Once again the results were the same as the first race, there was some excellent close racing all the way round with Martyn Denchfield and Joe Smith rounding 2nd and Terry Flannagan and Andy Service rounding 3rd.

The evening arrived with part of the fleet going to Sarah Masseys birthday which Chris had to turn up looking slightly sheepish after deserting her to go sailing…..BRAVE BRAVE man. The other half of the fleet stayed at the sailing club where there was an excellent BBQ laid on by the club. Drinks were plentifully and we later found out that the bar was drunk dry that evening including the prize wine! This was later replaced thankfully.

Sunday morning dawned with horrendous rain and a soggy wetsuit that was expertly left outside by Rach all night in the lashing rain. There were many many sore heads but bacon, coffee and lots of water sorted these issues out a treat.

Race 4 got under way cleanly once again but with new faces leading. Again Pete Crowther and Dave Thompson the results were the same as in race 1 but with the girly team in 4th this time.

Race 5 started in slightly less breeze. The normal faces were at the front again but with Steve and Jerry in 2nd and Pete and Rich in 3rd John Willars and Various Willars were in 5th their best result of their weekend.

Race 6 This time Steve and Jerry won with Pete and Dave in 2nd Terry and Andy in third . The girly team were flying in this race but unfortunately you are not allowed to start at the windward mark so they were OCS.

A special mention should go to the John Willars and crews who picked up a special family prize for sailing with his entire family at the weekend and finishing in 11th place.

Andy and Chris won and Pennine were thanked for an excellent event and enjoyable weekend of sailing.

Pete Gray

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