Pete & Rich Run The Gauntlet

The annual Shustoke Gauntlet pursuit races were held on Saturday 14th March. The Shustoke poster was left around the Staunton Harold Sailing Clubhouse and the temptation to go could not be resisted. Two intrepid teams ventured forth on a very cold Saturday morning to prepare for the racing. Pete Gray and Richard Pepperdine arrived early, boat rigged, rig tension set, Lark spinnaker rigged on a Scorpion. What? Yes, Pete in his haste and enthusiasm got his kites mixed and brought the wrong one. Team 2 arrived, Nigel and Diana Pepperdine to be faced by grey skies and rapidly dropping temperatures. Diana decided it would really be unfair if a much younger sailor was not encouraged to develop her skills and blow away cob webs early in the season. Rachael Rhodes was called and ordered by Richard to make haste to the club. With half an hour remaining Rachael was greeted with hugs from Diana.
Now to racing, non class spinnaker Gray and Pepperdine still excelled and came around 4th in the first race. The other squad did not do so well. Still, after lunch things got better. The wind increased and micro kite and his mate truly showed their mettle. Steadily pulling through the fleet and with only 10 to 15 minutes of the race remaining mini spinny took the lead and went on to win the second race. The RS200 pair were also starting to get their act together finishing 4th. ( if anyone is interested I can provide a list of excuses for the first race ). Still a good day was had, Peter and Richard won the the event and Nigel and Rachael finished 11th. If you really haven’t got any thing better to do, trackers were fitted on all the boats for full post race analysis and is available on the Internet. I would have a look myself but there is a Saturday night quiz show or something on telly ( I think it’s Jedward ) Well done mini Spinny a good result for Staunton.

Pete Mitchell
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